Charleston Boudoir Photography - Meet the Hair and Makeup Artist: Monica


Monica is an absolute master of her craft and a joy to work with. While professional hair and makeup styling is not required to shoot with me at this time, I find that it is an invaluable tool to help clients relax and feel ready for their shoots. Plus, who doesn't love a makeover!? This amazing business woman has been key in my creation of gorgeous images of incredible ladies over the last year, and I thought it was time to get to know her better! 


I met Monica early in 2015 when she came in to work with me on a marathon shoot day after coming highly recommended. Once I saw her work, I knew I needed to add her to my HMUA roster!  

Here's a little bit about the lovely Monica, in her own words:

Hi Dolls! I am the Owner/Operator of Mirror Mirror Hair & Makeup Artistry in Charleston, SC. I am a born and raised Texas girl from San Antonio! I love DIVERSITY, I love INDIVIDUALITY, and I love LOVE!
Speaking of things I love, let me tell you about my family. Aside from running my own business, I have two children and one fur-baby, Scarlett is 3 & Jett who is 2 and we have a teacup Yorkie, Roxy, who we love dearly. Scarlett is my old soul and Jett has glitter in his veins. I can tell you some stories, let me tell ya!
We love to do anything that we can do as a family. My boyfriend, Juan who is a Vintage car enthusiast so the majority of the time we spend together going to car shows. It's even better when we are the occasional trophy winner! The kids love it and think we are pretty cool - I'll take it!
I've always been interested in hair and makeup. (If I wasn't in the beauty industry I would probably be a "picker"... but let's not get off subject - ask me about it when we meet!)  I learned my basics at Charleston Cosmetology Institute. After that, growing in my trade has really been through self motivation.  I've been in the in the industry for 8 years. But recently, started my business last year - Mirror Mirror and I would consider that my greatest business achievement so far, that, and having my work published in Southern Bride Magazine!! 

I love Boudoir. I love watching the transformation and getting to see the reaction of my clients when they see their "after" is the best! I love to bring out the alter ego in my clients and reminding them that they, "still have it"!  We tend to forget about ourselves as we grow older and I love to help showcase your confidence & remind you that you are SEXY & BEAUTIFUL at any stage of your life. Embrace your Individuality and your feminine fierceness and book a boudoir shoot with Marie and I!

Hair and Makeup Tip!

We all do it! We apply mascara in a hurry & accidentally touch our face with the wand and get mascara on our face! UGH.... So here is the tip. LEAVE IT ALONE! Wait until the mascara mishap is completely dry, and flake it off using a clean spoolie or q-tip! Ta-DA! - gone. Without having to interrupt the work you have already done.

My hair tip, Pull yourself together with a Braids, Ponytail or Bun! Swear by it as a time saver.
— Monica, Mirror Mirror MUA

Boudoir by Marie

Charleston, SC

I love making new friends! To book a shoot, or just say "hi", contact Marie here
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