Stop apologizing! | Charleston, South Carolina Boudoir Photographer | Miss C

At first, I questioned it like “I don’t work out, I’m not in shape” but then I was like “hey, why not?” And I’m so glad I did. I’ve never felt so sexy and confident in my life. I encourage every woman to do this for themself and to embrace the beauty you have inside as well as out. ❤️ Marie is insanely talented and knows how to capture your beauty in all shapes, angles and sides. I’ve never felt as sexy! The photoshoot experience was remarkable and recommend any woman to do this for herself. It really makes you love your body and practice self love.
— Miss C

"Stop apologizing.

You don’t have to say sorry for how you laugh, how you dress, how you make your hair, how you do your makeup, how you speak. You don’t have to be sorry for being yourself. Do it fearlessly. It’s time to accept: this is you, and you gotta spend the rest of your life with you. So start loving your sarcasm, your awkwardness, your weirdness, your peculiar habits, your unique sense of humor, your voice, your talents, your everything. It will make your life so much easier to simply be yourself."

Danielle Mansutti


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This time, just because. | Charleston Boudoir Photos | Miss C

Miss C returned for another session of "Boudoir Therapy" a few months ago . . . 

It is coming up on the one year anniversary of my first session with you, and as I look back at the woman in those pictures, I finally feel that after a year of healing and rebuilding that I AM her.

I am so thankful to have had that confidence building experience with you - it is one of my fondest memories and I am so glad to have the photos from our times together! I can’t say thank you enough!
— Miss C

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A Boudoir Session for Valentine's Day | Charleston Boudoir Photographer | Featuring: Kristen

OH MY GOD MARIE!!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing!!! I love every little thing I’m seeing! I can’t wait to share and come back for another session!!
— Kristen

She was one of the rare ones,

so effortlessly herself, and the world loved her for it. - Atticus


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Celebrate your hard work! | Charleston Boudoir Photos | Miss A


I loved getting to know this amazing woman a few months ago. She came in to create something to celebrate herself, and celebrate herself she did!! She purchased two HUGE acrylics that will hang in her master walk in closet. Safely tucked away from any of her children's eyes but hung proudly where she can see them every day. 😍

After doing months of research on boudoir photographers I came across your website. At first I was very hesitant about the whole thing... I had recently lost a lot of weight and had been working out like a mad woman!! (I used to weigh over 200 lbs) I booked a session and was so nervous!! When the day came I brought pink champagne and had the most amazing time!! It was like having a sleepover with a bunch of girlfriends! Marie, you were so easy to talk to and it was so fun! I was amazed to see my pictures they were much better than I ever imagined! Thank you so much Marie! You gave me a new found confidence and for that I am forever grateful!
— Miss A

"she needed a hero...

so that's what she became"


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Covered can be sexy too. | Charleston Boudoir Photos | Miss Jackie


I have been shooting boudoir for almost five years and the question that I get the most from clients before booking their session is - what do I wear?!

Once you book your session with me I send you a TON of information on outfit ideas to flatter your body shape and suggestions of where to shop. I also talk about how you don't have to wear lingerie to your boudoir photoshoot! 


Boudoir photography often features slinky chemises and bra and panty sets, and that's awesome if that's what you're comfortable and feel sexy in! Not everyone feels their best in more revealing outfits, so I absolutely LOVED that Miss Jackie brought these two outfits with her when she came to shoot with me!

Her first outfit is a grey henley-style bodysuit (similar here) meant to be worn as a shirt tucked-in and her second is a beautiful white off the shoulder lace top (similar here). No need to go shopping or buy a bunch of lingerie that doesn't feel like YOU.  Bring what makes you feel sexy... even if that's something that's already in your closet! :)


When it comes to lingerie, there are no rules.

I feel the sexiest when I'm myself, no hair, no makeup.

              -Irina Shayk


- Featuring the lovely: Jackie Sexton - 

OH MY GAWD!! These are absolutely beautiful!!!! Wow! I am in love with them all! Thank you so much! I really can’t wait to work with you again!
— Jackie Sexton

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Bomb Cyclone | Charleston Boudoir Photos | Miss J

 Woman in black lingerie outdoors in snow in beautiful boudoir photograph taken by Boudoir by Marie

"When it snows you have two choices... shovel, or make snow angels" and I chose to photograph one! When the "bomb cyclone" hit Charleston a few weeks ago, we got a gorgeous layer of snow over everything! Unfortunately, Charleston isn't prepared for snow, so that meant a few days of staying inside and waiting for the roads to thaw. The whole time I was hoping that I could find someone brave enough to venture out in the frigid weather before it melted!

Miss J and I had already setup her session with me before the storm and luckily enough, the roads cleared just in time! We shot in studio but when I asked her if she was feeling brave enough to shoot outdoors... she jumped at the opportunity, as you can see! 

 Brunette outdoor boudoir in snow in Charleston.
 South Carolina snowstorm high fashion boudoir photo
 Brunette in high fashion faux fur coat photographed in the boudoir style outside in snow in Charleston, South Carolina.
 Beautiful brunette girl outside in snow boudoir photograph
 Outdoor snow boudoir photo of girl in black bra and panty set. 
 Black outfit showcased in winter snow boudoir photograph taken in Charleston, SC. 
 Beautiful winter boudoir photoshoot located outdoors during the South Carolina snowstorm in Charleston.

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Baby it's cold outside... | Charleston Boudoir Photography | Miss S | Part II


Something about this crazy winter storm and all this snow reminded me of Miss S's snuggly shoot! Further proof that there's not need to worry about what you wear to your boudoir session, you're perfectly dressed in a simple bra and panty set OR your birthday suit! 

I LOVE THEM! Thank you so much for an amazing time! I loved every minute, and you were so fun and comfortable to work with. You are truly amazing at what you do, and you made me feel beautiful!
— Miss S

See the first half of Miss S's shoot HERE.


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2017 | The Year In Review | Charleston Boudoir

2017 was a year of growth for Boudoir by Marie. After having a bit of a required slowdown in 2016 due to pregnancy and maternity leave, I made it my mission for Boudoir by Marie to be back on track by the end of 2017! This year I managed to shoot in 2 countries (Bermuda and the US) and ended the year with an even busier schedule than before my son was born! 

I wanted to showcase some of my favorite images from the past year that my clients have so wonderfully agreed to allow me to share. It was so fun for me to go through and see the faces of all the women that I've photographed this year.  I love getting to know you all as you come through the studio. Everyone has their own stories, hopes, dreams and fears. I am always honored to play a little part in your story and help to build your confidence. 

For 2018 I have some big goals for this little business of mine: More travel, more sessions, more personal projects, more furniture and sets to shoot on.... and most importantly, more amazing experiences and #boudoirtherapy for my clients! 

Thank you to all of my 2017 clients!

If you'd like to come see me in 2018, you can inquire here

I love making new friends! To book a shoot, or just say "hi", contact Marie here
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Post-Boudoir Session Thoughts from Miss T

Reviews like this make my heart sing! THIS is why I do what I do.

"Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear! When you’ve had two babies via c-section it’s hard to find the confidence you’ve once had. It’s hard to see yourself as beautiful. After months and months of talking myself out of it, I decided to do something for myself and book a boudoir shoot with Boudoir by Marie. I was terrified and I walked in so anxious. I spent hours laughing and having the most fun I’ve had in years. I completely forgot that she was taking pictures of me in cute lingerie. For the first time since becoming pregnant four years ago, I didn’t think about my pooch, my scars, or how I looked in certain things. That stuff didn’t even cross my mind. I walked out of this shoot more confident then I’ve ever been in my whole life. I developed the ability to ignore my post babies flaws and see my true beauty. Who cares what your body looks like. Marie’s ability to capture true beauty is incredible! She’s able to show you how your significant other views you! She’s able to show you in pictures how the world sees you. It’s beautiful!! I can’t thank you enough, Marie!! If you’ve ever considered doing Boudoir... do it!! You won’t regret it!! It’s incredibly empowering!! These pictures are STUNNING!! I’m so excited to gift my husband these photos for Christmas!! 💙"  - Miss T

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Round 3 | Charleston Boudoir Photos | Miss J

OMG!!! I’m SO happy I came in for another shoot! :) :) :)  I can’t go to bed because I am OBSESSED with all of these pictures! It’s like Christmas morning every time I get to see my images after shooting with you!!! Thank you!!!
— Miss J

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Charleston Boudoir Photography | Miss S | Part I

There is no greater compliment that a previous client can give me, than to refer me to their friends. Miss S was a referral from a client that I photographed earlier this year. She's recently graduated college and came in for a shoot of self-celebration! She was a beautiful ray of sunshine to work with (that SMILE!) and I was honored that she chose me as her boudoir photographer. 

I LOVE THEM! Thank you so much for an amazing time! I loved every minute, and you were so fun and comfortable to work with. You are truly amazing at what you do, and you made me feel beautiful!

I had so much fun working with you and I’m so glad my friend was able to bring us together! I hope to work with you again one day! :)
— Miss S

I love making new friends! To book a shoot, or just say "hi", contact Marie here
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In Her Own Words | Charleston Boudoir Photos | Miss E

"For months, I had contemplated doing a boudoir photoshoot for my husband, but like most women I never was able to muster up enough courage to book a session. Thankfully I didn’t because at that time I had not yet stumbled upon Marie and her amazing talent! I must have researched at least 20 photographers and never found one with a style that I liked. Eventually, I gave up my search thinking I would never find someone that would portray the sexy, classy and seductive look I wanted. Months later, with our wedding anniversary rapidly approaching, I re-started my search for boudoir photographers that could put together a book for me to give my husband on our 5-year anniversary...

...That’s when I found Marie."
"To say I was nervous about my session was an understatement. To be quite honest, I could’ve easily cried the moment I had to walk out in front of her in my first outfit (okay, I might have actually shed a few nervous tears in the bathroom). I am a fairly reserved person and not exactly someone you would say is comfortable in front of the camera. Marie was so patient with me and allowed me to take my time and express all of my concerns. Ten minutes into my session all of my nerves had disappeared! We laughed, told stories, jammed out to old-school music and took amazing photos. I was completely relaxed because she made sure each pose, each facial expression and each outfit looked perfect. She always made sure to accentuate my best features and I could tell she wanted these pictures to be just as perfect as I did. . ."

You will not regret it.

It’s by far one of the best things I’ve done for my husband, and myself.

". . . My fears of exposing my body and looking stupid had suddenly vanished and it was like I was hanging out with an old friend. For the first time in forever I rediscovered my inner sexy and was so much more than just frumpy mom of two young children. We even did a between the sheets session (something I had definitely not planned on doing), and I’m so glad I did – the photos completely knocked my husband’s socks off! To the women who may be on the fence about doing a boudoir photoshoot with Marie – JUST DO IT! It’s by far one of the best things I’ve done for my husband, and myself. You will not regret it."
-Miss E

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Be unforgettably + authentically you. | Charleston Boudoir Photography | Miss D

If you want to spice up your love life, Marie is great at snapping the sexy boudoir look for your boyfriend or hubby, etc! I felt like I was chatting with an old girlfriend within 5 minutes, she knows how to make women feel comfortable and powerful and bring out that sexy elegant look in her images!
— Miss D

Radiate JOY with every move you choose... 

Give off such vibrant energy that the environments you enter in are immediately impacted + when you leave they are wanting more.

Be unforgettably + authentically you.  

- Miss D


I love making new friends! To book a shoot, or just say "hi", contact Marie here
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NSFW: Miss K on Embracing the Experience - A Charleston, SC Boudoir Photoshoot

NSFW: Not. Safe. For. Work. - if you're not okay with a little nipple, just move along my friends! 

I was searching the internet for someone to take my boudoir pictures, I came across Boudoir by Marie’s website and loved it! ... I have had pictures done in the past, but with Marie it was different. She professional but she also makes it comfortable an super fun! The time flew by, it was like spending time with my best friend!
— Miss k

 The time flew by... was like spending time with my best friend!"   -Miss K


"My favorite part of the whole experience was how I felt that day...

I was doing this for my husband but in the end it was for me as well. I finished the shoot with so much more confidence in myself! I absolutely would recommend Boudoir by Marie to everyone!!!"
-Miss K


I love making new friends! To book a shoot, or just say "hi", contact Marie here
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Meet the Hair and Makeup Artist: Monica | Charleston Boudoir Photography


Monica is an absolute master of her craft and a joy to work with! Professional hair styling and airbrush makeup application with false lashes is an invaluable tool to help you relax and feel ready for your boudoir shoot with me.  Plus, who doesn't love a makeover!? This amazing business woman has been key in my creation of gorgeous images of incredible ladies over the last few years, and I thought it was time to get to know her better! 



I met Monica early in 2015 when she came in to work with me on a marathon shoot day after coming highly recommended. Once I saw her work, I knew I wanted to continue to work with her. A few months later she became the only hair and makeup artist that I work with! 

Here's a little bit about the Monica, in her own words:

Hi Dolls! I am the Owner/Operator of Mirror Mirror Hair & Makeup Artistry based in Charleston, SC and I am Marie's hair and makeup artist for all of her boudoir shoots! I specialize in airbrush makeup and individually craft colors to match each client's skin tone so that their skin looks flawless! 
I am a born and raised Texas girl from San Antonio! I love DIVERSITY, INDIVIDUALITY, and I love LOVE!
Aside from running my own business, I have three children (two girls, one boy!) and one fur-baby (a teacup Yorkie). We love to do anything that we can do as a family!  My husband, Juan, is a Vintage car enthusiast so we spend our free time together going to car shows and showing off our work - we've even been the occasional trophy winner! The kids love it and think we are pretty cool - so, I'll take it!
I've been interested in hair and makeup since I was little...  I was professionally trained at Charleston Cosmetology Institute. After that, I've spent countless hours growing in my trade through study and lots and lots of practice.  I've been in the in the industry for 8 years and branched out to start my own business in 2015. Starting Mirror Mirror Hair and Makeup Artistry is what I would consider that my greatest business achievement so far! Well, that, and having my work published in Southern Bride Magazine!! 

I love Boudoir! I love working with Marie and watching the transformation - getting to see the reaction of my clients when they see their "after" is the best!  I love to bring out the sexy alter ego in my clients and remind them that they still have "it"!  

We tend to forget about ourselves as we grow older and I would love to help boost your confidence & remind you that you are SEXY & BEAUTIFUL at every stage of your life. Embrace your individuality and your feminine fierceness and book a boudoir shoot with Marie and I!

I love making new friends! To book a shoot, or just say "hi", contact Marie here
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Doing it for yourself! - Miss A - Charleston Boudoir Studio

I love getting to share images from my clients, but what I love even more is hearing about how their Boudoir Experience with Boudoir by Marie impacted them. Here is Miss A's experience, in her own words....

I wanted to do a boudoir session for many reasons, but the two big reasons were: First and foremost, for myself. I wanted to capture this time in my life where I feel good about myself and where I am in life.  

Secondly, my husband is so difficult to buy for! I knew this would be a great Christmas present for him and one he wouldn’t forget!
— Miss A
I was nervous before going in, but excited too. After talking and getting to know Marie a little bit she made me feel at ease and it was like I was with a good friend! Afterwards I felt so confident, sexy, and ready to conquer the world!!
— Miss A
All of it was really fun! Definitely take advantage of hair and makeup; so worth it. 

You only live once and a boudoir shoot will give you memories that will last a lifetime. It’s a great confidence booster and so much fun!!
— Miss A

I love making new friends! To book a shoot, or just say "hi", contact Marie here
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Bridal Boudoir Session - Miss E- Boudoir in Charleston, SC

This Miss drove almost three hours to my Charleston Studio to have her boudoir photos taken before she took the big step and became a MRS.

I held off on sharing her lovely images until AFTER their wedding of course, so I wouldn't ruin the surprise for her now-husband!

I am so appreciative of my clients who allow me to share their images.

It's so important to me to showcase real clients (non-models) on my website and I am so grateful when real women love their images enough to share them with you!


I love making new friends! To book a shoot, or just say "hi", contact Marie here
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Accessorize with Hair Color - Miss C - Charleston, SC Boudoir Photos

I always advise my clients to bring color to their session - there's often a lot of black in my client's wardrobe which doesn't always showcase their personality. Well... this shoot just went ahead and broke ALL the rules. 

Miss C only brought black outfits, but they are some of the most unique black outfits I've seen. Her clothes may all be the same color, but varying the style speaks volumes. We have a little Retro-Grunge Glamour with her Nirvana tee, and then a gorgeous lace number, some stunning vintage corsetry as well as a beautiful, modest, and contemporary off the shoulder sweater - all in black, but they all come across differently

Oh, and can we talk about her KILLER hair?! I'm a little obsessed!  Who needs colorful clothes when you're a freakin' unicorn!?! 

There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.
— W.E.B Dubois
Hair and Makeup Styling by Bonnie Ferrell

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Fall 2017 Availability Update!

We are fully booked through the end of August, we have ONE available session remaining in Sept and have limited availability through the end of the year!

Please contact me ASAP if you are looking to get in with us for a boudoir session this fall!

Bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis with a signed contract and paid retainer. I recommend shooting 4-6 weeks before you need your final products.

I love making new friends! To book a shoot, or just say "hi", contact Marie here
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