Champagne Dreams: Château Boudoir Shoot in France


A few weeks ago, my husband and I attended a wedding of a dear friend of mine at a château in France. We were lucky enough to get to turn the trip into a long vacation and spent time in Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy as well! During our travels I couldn't help but sneak a little boudoir in! 


Miss M is a childhood friend of the bride and I was so happy to finally have the chance to meet her. A yoga instructor and horse enthusiast, she and I (along with a few others) spent the morning of the wedding horseback riding through the French countryside... which is pretty much the most amazing thing ever! 


After the beautiful wedding ceremony ended, she and I snuck inside the château to do a little boudoir session in Miss M's stunning suite. It was a fantastic opportunity as everyone was outside so we could even do a little bit of shooting on the stairs with this amazing chandelier. We used the gorgeous red beaded gown that she had on to tell a little bit of a story - perhaps of a princess waiting for her prince? 

Could not be happier with how the images came out, and I feel so lucky to have made a friend at the same time! Thank you Miss M for going on this little boudoir adventure with me!! 


I was also able to do a shoot in Paris as well as Lake Como during our trip!
Can't wait to share those with you as well! 

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