2015 - The Year in Boudoir

2015 has been a year of massive changes for my boudoir studio here in Charleston, SC. I completed my residential studio and hosted my first session in the finished space at the beginning of the year. Throughout the year I continued to improve and add on to the space - first with wood floors in May and then by creating another much darker set for a more alluring and mysterious feeling in November. 

I have watched my business expand as well. I currently have multiple extremely talented hair and makeup artists on my roster which I love working with to create gorgeous and glamorous looks for my clients. This year, I've had the pleasure of photographing upwards of 65 women across four different countries. These women range in age from 20 to 60 and are all sizes, shapes, races; each having their own amazing story. 

2016 is right around the bend and there will be more changes coming to Boudoir by Marie. I will be continuing to improve the studio space - recently adding a more organized and movable makeup corner. I will also be announcing new products and pricing as well as creating an even more in-depth client preparation experience. I know how nerve wracking prepping for a boudoir session can be (you should have seen me trying to narrow down my outfits for my own session this past summer!) and I want to make sure that my clients feel just as confident in their preparation coming in for their session as they do after their session!

  • THANK YOU to my clients for allowing me to see such a vulnerable side of yourself and trusting me to create gorgeous images for you.
  • The women featured in the collage image above are some of my clients who have so generously allowed me to use their images on my website and to those women I must give a huge THANK YOU. I hope that each of my inquiring clients can see themselves represented in some way in that collage, and in turn, become more open to the amazing experience that boudoir is. 
  • A THANK YOU is also in order to my friends who have always been so supportive of my passion and have been so willing to help out in various ways.
  • Of course, the biggest THANK YOU goes to my husband who has been incredible in helping me create my dream job, from staying up late putting down hardwood floors to proofing my marketing materials, you have been amazing and your support for me and for my business has never wavered. I love you, Jon!

Wishing you all an amazing 2016!

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