The Most Fun You Can Have Taking Your Clothes Off

Most people are a little apprehensive about booking a boudoir shoot - they're concerned about posing, how their body will look and what outfits to bring.  I work with my clients from the very beginning to make sure that they are as prepared for their shoot as possible.

I help clients choose which outfits to bring that will help them to achieve their desired style and look for their session. I work to coordinate the best hair and makeup artist for their requested look. On the day of the shoot, I'm right there with them the whole time, guiding them on posing and expression so they can look their very best! 

Having been a boudoir client myself in the past, I know how intimidating a boudoir session can be.
That said, being a photographer now, I am also confident that you will have SO MUCH FUN!

Check out the video below for a behind the scenes look at a session with boudoir by marie: 

Behind the scenes images created by the lovely Smith Photos + Ink

I wanted to create a video so that I could do more than just talk about what a session is like, I wanted to be able to show clients and potential clients that yes, taking your clothes off can be a bit awkward, but that it can also be a whole lot of fun!

There is never any pressure to do anything or wear anything that you're not comfortable with and this session is all about YOU. Boudoir is about makes YOU feel your most beautiful!

I love making new friends! To book a shoot, or just say "hi", contact Marie here
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