Embrace your inner badass... | Charleston, SC Boudoir Photography | Part 1 of 2

“My husband and I are going through a separation/divorce and I would like to do this shoot FOR MYSELF to get a little bit of my ‘groove’ back.”
— Miss C, on why she wanted to book a boudoir session

Miss C showed up as a butterfly having just been reborn. She had just gotten out of a messy relationship and wanted to celebrate her reemergence into the world as a new woman, free to start her next adventure... and a little "boudoir therapy" was just what she needed. 

This woman is a force of nature.

I love being able to give women such a confidence building experience.  Everything we see on tv and read and hear through the media says that we're imperfect and need this diet or that product to be "beautiful" and to be our best selves - even then, will it ever be enough?

Boudoir is all about stripping down and embracing the woman you are in THIS moment and celebrating yourself because you are amazing and wonderful and beautiful and POWERFUL... just as you are.


Light is easy to love. Show me your darkness.
— R.Queen

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