An American in Paris : International Boudoir Photographer

Few places in the world are better suited to romantic boudoir photography than The City of Love. Paris, full of old-world elegance and innate sophistication, it creates a beautiful backdrop for this fashion-forward boudoir session. I was lucky enough to get to enjoy some time in Paris and have the opportunity to photography this lovely client during my time there.  

Luxury is what boudoir photography is all about - whether in my Charleston studio or abroad, every shoot is a luxury and a rare occasion to take time just for yourself. Boudoir is a unique and somewhat daunting experience, but it is an incredible chance to build up your confidence and give you the opportunity to celebrate yourself. I coach my clients through poses that flatter their best features, helping them to see their body in its most elegant form. I draw beauty from the inspiration of each and every woman in front of me, and each photo made during the session tells an often-overlooked part of that woman's story.

This session was featured on Fiercely Boudoir

It's easy to imagine this gorgeous Parisian woman seeing off a paramour in the brisk autumn morning, or simply reveling in luxury for her own sake. 

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