Charleston, SC Boudoir - Miss J


Miss J came all the way from New York to have a boudoir session with me here at my studio in Charleston. I am so thankful that she has allowed me to share a few images from her session as well as to write such a lovely review for you all to read! 

A follower of my work for a long time, she finally decided that NOW was the time to come in for a session. Often, I hear from clients that a boudoir photo shoot is something they've been wanting to do for awhile but circumstances or an unfair perspective of their body keeps them from booking in. 

Miss J will tell you to do otherwise, there's never a better time than now to do a boudoir shoot and allow yourself to feel pampered and beautiful - shutting down those voices in your head! 


I’ve known Marie for years, and followed her photography from the beginning. And for years, I thought, “I’ll do a session when I’ve lost a little weight; when I’m a little more in shape; when my skin looks a little better.” But I couldn’t wait until then, because deep down I knew if I kept waiting, I’d never do it.

In this photo shoot, I experienced how true it is that self-esteem isn’t so much about meeting your goals as it is about being kind to yourself. Yes, I would feel great if I lost 15 lbs, but I can also feel great RIGHT NOW, if I’m just a little nicer to myself.
— Miss j

In the photos, the first thing I see is the nose that I hate. That’s the truth. But it’s also true that I see that my stomach actually looks kinda good, and the muffin top I’m so insecure about is mostly in my head.

There is no ‘perfect time’ to do boudoir. Or to start your new exercise plan, or your new diet, or to give time to that hobby you’ve been thinking about... You’ll always find at least one reason to put off doing something. The ‘right time’ happens when you stop looking for reasons to put it off any longer. Anything you’ve been thinking about doing- you just have to do it.
— Miss J

I love making new friends! To book a shoot, or just say "hi", contact Marie here
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