The icing on top... Boudoir is for YOU.

The majority of my clients originally contact me with gift-giving in mind. Ladies inquire about my boudoir photography looking for an amazing present to give their spouse-to-be on their wedding day, a great gift for an anniversary, birthday or Christmas for that special someone. Little do they know that the present is just the icing on top of the boudoir cupcake! 

After their sessions, those clients are the ones that tell me how rewarding and what a confidence building experience it was, how it was really for themselves, even more than it was a gift for their loved one! 

I honestly don't think there's anything else that will give you such a boost of confidence in a shorter amount of time. "Boudoir Therapy" is something I've seen touch the soul of so many women and make such a huge impact on their lives. 


Recently, I've had an influx of "just because" and "it's for myself" clients. Celebrating a fresh start after a divorce or breakup, reminding themselves that they are more than "just a mom" or "just a housewife" or "just" anything! 

Miss J came in the studio about a year ago to create a gift for her boyfriend - this year, she's back with a session for a more sensual session just f0r herself... see the results of this "boudoir therapy" session below! There's something magical that happens when a woman takes time to celebrate herself, just for herself.


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