A little off topic, and a great big update....

Breaking from the norm of posting shoots today and chatting with you about something that is near and dear to my heart. Understandably, I believe in the importance that photography plays in our lives. I believe in the value of photography and I believe that women especially should document their lives in a tangible way.

You deserve to have more photos of you with the person you love than just your wedding photos. (Priscilla Thomas Photography, 2013)

You deserve to have more photos of you with the person you love than just your wedding photos. (Priscilla Thomas Photography, 2013)

Women are so often behind the camera, capturing moments in their lives of their loved ones and families - which unfortunately leads them to go undocumented in those moments themselves. This is part of why I am so adamant about the importance and power of boudoir photography. Boudoir gives women the opportunity to celebrate their bodies, spirit, and their femininity in a tangible and meaningful way - something that is very often overlooked and stifled. 

In turn, family photography is also important. Family photos were not a priority to my family growing up. We certainly documented everything with photos, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, etc. but getting the ENTIRE family in the image was a rare event. To me, this is tragic, my mother especially is missing from many photos growing up, despite being present for those events! 

Anyone who knows me well, knows that whenever my husband and I go on a trip (which is as often as possible, due to my horrible case of wanderlust) - I schedule a photo session in our destination. (Bonus: they make great photos to use in your holiday cards, if you send them!)

I am not a big "selfie" person and my husband and I are rarely in photographs together normally. So, he's a sweetheart and begrudgingly goes along with these travel photo sessions. Even if we did not travel, I prioritize at least one photoshoot of us together per year.

It is important to me, not only as a photographer, but as a wife and future mother to have images of us together. 

TIP: If the man in your life is not a “photo guy”, keep the session short and sweet - a half hour is plenty! Oh, and plan something fun for after!

The reason why I usually schedule shoots while traveling is for a few reasons. I don't want to just shoot gorgeous landscapes of this new and faraway place without capturing US being THERE.

We are investing a lot of time and money in the experience of visiting this new location and I want to be able to remember our time spent there beautifully and in something more than in a selfie. Plus, it is really fun to get kind of dressed up for the photos and go on a little date afterward!

But, my main intention with my yearly photoshoots is to beautifully document this time in our lives! I love these photographs and they bring back so many sweet memories. 


We did engagement photos when we visited Oahu, Hawaii a few years ago. (Photos by Ann Carter Photography)


A friend offered to take some photos of us on the Strip in Las Vegas before we moved away to start our new chapter in Charleston in 2013.


Italy was somewhere I had always wanted to go, so I scheduled us an amazing session in Rome while we were on our honeymoon there in 2014. (Photo by In Love In Italy)

BONUS: In meeting with these local photographers, we also find out about beautiful hidden spots around the area that we may not have found on our own. (They also tend to have fantastic restaurant and sightseeing reccomendations!)

During our trip to Paris last year, we did a little mini-shoot near the Eiffel Tower. (Photographs by Giancalo through Flytographer)


These are all photos that I will cherish forever.

They're beautiful samples of the trips we took, as well as a frozen moment in our lives. 


A few weeks ago in Maui, I scheduled a session with photographer Amy Short... 

...this time a maternity session!


Yes, we are expecting and could not be more excited!! I couldn't help but document this moment, bump and all!

I cannot wait to continue this tradition and incorporate our darling little boy next year!

I can't wait to watch him grow and change in the images.

I can't wait to see the way the photographer captures his spirit and personality.

I can't wait to see these images only get even better over time as we add to our family and grow in love :)


  • If this is something that you'd like to incorporate into your own travels. I have found that googling the location you'll be traveling to for family photography is a great start.
  • There is also a wonderful company called Flytographer that works with photographers in many vacation destinations across the globe - they are fantastic and I have used them in the past (Paris) for our images. They schedule everything and are fantastic to work with! (Book through this link and use the code #FLYFAN to get $25 USD off your next shoot!)

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