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As a lifetime member of the "itty-bitty-titty-committee" I can't personally speak for how difficult it is like to shop for lingerie if you have a larger bust. That said, I photograph women of all sizes and I often hear how hard it is for them to find beautiful AND supportive garments in the appropriate size for them to wear during their boudoir session. Anything too big, (or worse) too small, will not flatter your body and create smooth lines.  I want my clients to come to their session feeling their most confident and that starts with LOVING what you bring to wear and making sure that those items FIT and fit well! 

Ladies, have I found something beautiful for you!! The Ashley Graham Collection, created by the stunning model it's named for (OBSESSED with their bodysuit), and the Déesse line: inspired by the sensuality of French lingerie, drawing its name from "Déesse", the French word for goddess.

But don't take my word for it, listen to Bustle writer, Jodie Layne's review of the two collections below... 

"I'm a complete lingerie fanatic. But I used to be the type of person who would buy a new white and nude bra to alternate every nine months or so and call it a day. I've always had breasts that were a bit on the bigger side and have pretty much been at least a DD cup since puberty. And the biggest size I was able to get at the lingerie chains in Canada was a 36 DD, because as anyone with a fuller bust knows, the sizes available dwindle as the numbers and letters on the bra size go up. The first to go have always been the sexier styles and so, t-shirt bras became my staple — and my idea of a "sexy" bra was the same fuller cup with a little push-up, maybe in black.
Shopping the newly-revamped and renamed in-house line from Addition Elle was nearly an emotional experience for me. My first new bra in ages was from their lingerie collaboration with Ashley Graham and having a "pretty" bra for the first time, well, ever was an amazing feeling. I picked the frilliest, most extravagant bra just because I could. The rest of the bras were lovely enough but not unlike everything else I'd been wearing for years already.

Shop Déesse online at:  

The new Déesse collection has definitely upped the game and delivers the type of luxury product and experience that other people could so easily take for granted. Take, for example, that even with me being a 38 DDD, I was still able to have my pick from every single style. The line is designed so thoughtfully with features like a U-back to keep bra straps from slipping, being able to adjust the position of the straps on the back, some major support, and gorgeous detailing. ...
I went home and looked over my purchases, carefully unwrapping them and photographing them for Instagram because I couldn't believe how pretty they were. When I put them on, I felt comfortable, confident, and supported. It's what many people experience when shopping for lingerie, but something that I had never really had."

See her full article here.

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