White Sheet Sessions: You don't have to take your clothes off ... but it's more fun if you do!

In my opinion, the best "outfit" to shoot is actually not an outfit at all! It's a little intimidating, but my favorite shots are often sans outfit, in between the sheets. 

There's something about stripping away all of the distraction of an outfit and leaving you with a mind-blowing portrait of yourself, as you are.  

You may be worried that in stripping down to the buff that all of those little areas you're not the most comfortable with will be on display.  Never fear girl, I've got you - the sheet covers everything and anything that you may not want to be seen. 

In doing so, it draws the eyes to the areas of skin that are being showcased, slimming you and honing in on your favorite parts of yourself.  But don't take MY word for it, listen to Miss J. 

Miss J is a second round client of mine. She came in for her first session around a year ago as a gift to her boyfriend while deployed. This time, the shoot was for HER and this brave girl decided to channel some old-school Marilyn Monroe and spend the second half of her shoot dressed in nothing but red lips and white sheets! 

I love all of the images that Marie captured on the day of our shoot, but my favorite by far are the “in the sheets” pictures. Marie made me feel completely comfortable and at ease, and we had so much fun creating those images together! I think that the idea of not having lingerie on can be a little intimidating at first, but the images turned out so feminine and elegant. The sheets actually help you show what you want to, and cover what you don’t want to show!
— Miss J
I feel like the images really captured my personality, and there are no distractions based on what I am wearing. I had seen some “in the sheet” images on Pinterest, and I’m so glad I finally took the plunge and tried some out with Marie. I would recommend adding a sheets-only portion of the shoot to any other ladies getting boudoir photos taken with Marie. They are timeless photographs that you will cherish forever.
— Miss J
Sexy boudoir session by Boudoir by Marie, located in Charleston, South Carolina
Always remember that it is MY job to make you feel and look your most gorgeous, all you have to do is show up :)
— Marie

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