A celebration of self ... after a fitness journey


When the lovely Miss M emailed me interested in booking a session, she used the words that I love to hear: 

" I am just finding a confidence that I never had before and am finding the women everyone else has always seen. I am really looking to take some awesome photos for my boyfriend AND myself! My boyfriend would really enjoy having these but I am really looking forward to doing them. I think it is just a win win!"

DOING IT FOR HERSELF! Miss M recently started on a new healthy lifestyle and wanted to commemorate how good she is feeling in this moment. Nothing makes me happier than a woman who is looking to celebrate her own body and femininity!  Boudoir is the best kind of therapy and I am so happy that Miss M came to me to help boost her confidence.

HE WAS BLOWN AWAY! I absolutely love how everything turned out. It is so perfect! I’m definitely glad that a random Google search led me to you! I don’t think it would have been such a successful experience if it was anyone else!

The experience and the product are top notch. You deserve all the awards given! I’m already ready to do another shoot lol :)
— Miss M

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