Accessorize with Hair Color - Miss C - Memphis, Tennessee Boudoir Photos

I always advise my clients to bring color to their session - there's often a lot of black in my client's wardrobe which doesn't always showcase their personality. Well... this shoot just went ahead and broke ALL the rules. 

Miss C only brought black outfits, but they are some of the most unique black outfits I've seen. Her clothes may all be the same color, but varying the style speaks volumes. We have a little Retro-Grunge Glamour with her Nirvana tee, and then a gorgeous lace number, some stunning vintage corsetry as well as a beautiful, modest, and contemporary off the shoulder sweater - all in black, but they all come across differently

Oh, and can we talk about her KILLER hair?! I'm a little obsessed!  Who needs colorful clothes when you're a freakin' unicorn!?! 

There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.
— W.E.B Dubois
Hair and Makeup Styling by Bonnie Ferrell

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