What is "Boudoir Photography"?

I can see it now. . .

“Boudior photography? Bodoir photography? Bodiour photography? Bodouir? Boudair? Or is it Bodoir? Wait, it’s Boudaire? Boudiour photography? Boudoire? Boudouir photos? Bouidor photography? Bourdoir? Budior? Budiour? Budoir photography?
I just want some photos that make me feel awesome about myself and my body!!!“

What you’re looking for is called
B-O-U-D-O-I-R photography,
(and you can thank the French for the difficulty in spelling it!)
and you’ve come to the right place!

Pronounced like “boo-dwah” by those in France, I’ve found that most Americans pronounce it as “boo-dwar”. Either of those pronunciations are fine by me, but I WILL correct you if you call it “boo-dee-or” photography!

A “Boudoir” in the classic sense is a term for part of a private room attached to a bedroom of an upperclass lady, used for bathing and dressing. Later on, the term came to be used for private drawing rooms where one could spend time with their romantic partner. (Thanks wikipedia!)

So you can see how the term makes sense for this intimate style of photography. Most boudoir photoshoots take place in a bedroom setting, but the term “boudoir photography” has definitely expanded beyond that basic location. Most photographers that I’ve spoken to in the boudoir industry loosely define “boudoir photography” based more on clothing (or lack of clothing) choice and intention of the photos. In general, the images are in some state of undress with the intention to empower and build confidence of the person being photographed.

Yes, “person”! While my specialty is female photography, there are many fantastic male boudoir photographers out there! More than just the silly versions that go viral on Facebook, there is no reason why a man shouldn’t get to feel wonderful and empowered about his body as well! Many boudoir photographers also offer “couples boudoir” sessions that can include both you and your partner! If either of these are something you’re searching for, I’d be happy to help you with some recommendations!

MY style of boudoir photography is intended to empower women and inspire self confidence. My style floats somewhere in between glamorous, fashion inspired, and sensual.

My home base is Memphis, TN and I have a lovely studio here! Most clients ask if they can “move in” as soon as they arrive. I’ve tried to keep it simple and elegant while still combining rich textures and classic touches. I have worked hard to create a space where I am capable of creating a bright and beautiful shot for a bride-to-be to gift her husband on their wedding day, or a shadowy and more sensual shot as an anniversary shot a year or two later! I am constantly updating the space with new furniture and decor so it’s totally possible to come back for your second shoot and everything may have changed!

I also love to sneak outside when I get the chance! Anything from a snowy forest (in Charleston at that!), a beach, or out in a cornfield! I make my “outdoor boudoir” photo sessions available to clients as an option for their second shoot with me. I think it extremely important to have the full studio experience the first time around, so that we are comfortable working together and your outdoor images turn out spectacularly!

I have a huge case of wanderlust, so I love getting out of my Charleston studio and shooting in new and interesting places! I try to travel frequently and have been lucky enough to have photographed women in the boudoir style in Maui, New York City, Seattle, Columbus, Las Vegas, Denver, Bermuda, Canada, Italy, and France! I love it when clients fly me out and allow me to photograph them somewhere new!

Anyway, you can see that there is no ONE definition for what boudoir photography is. The most important thing is finding a photographer whose work you connect to! They should have a solid portfolio and you should see consistency in their work! If you’re considering booking a boudoir session, always feel free to ask your photographer any questions you may have. I provide my clients with a very thorough preparation guide after they reserve their session, but I am always available to answer any additional questions they may have or help them find/decide on outfits!

If MY boudoir style speaks to you, feel free to drop me a line! I would be honored to be your boudoir photographer.

I love making new friends! To book a shoot, or just say "hi", contact Marie here
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