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I am so happy to be able to share this lovely review that Miss M wrote after coming to see us as well as this one image from her session! She came in to create a gift for her husband-to-be but found that the shoot was a gift for herself as well... read her experience in her own words below! 

When I was looking for a fun and creative wedding gift for my future husband, my cousin suggested doing a boudoir shoot. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. Although I had some reservations about my body, feeling uncomfortable, making sure these photos stayed private, wanting them to be beautiful, sexy, and tasteful, wanting to look like me, and not wanting them to be an overly photoshopped mess (I’ve seen that before and it wasn’t pretty). I asked my cousin if she could recommend any one and she immediately pointed me to Marie. When I reached out to Marie, her customer service was outstanding. She went over everything from how she shoots, to what to wear or not wear, makeup, hair, and her portfolio. The photos were amazing and a ton of different body types were represented. My insurity started to fade. The more I talked to her the more she made me feel even more comfortable with her process and that she isn’t big on photoshop, but will touch them up if asked. She explained her shoots are all based on the clients level of comfort and that I can wear or not wear whatever I feel the most beautiful in. She explained, when her clients feel comfortable is when they are able to truly show their outer and inner beauty in photos. And that is exactly what my experience was.

When it came time do do my shoot, her hair and makeup team were wonderful! I didn’t feel overly done and still looked like myself (another one of my worries). The entire time the shoot was going on, I felt amazing! It was so much fun! There is just something about how Marie works with her clients and her style that made me feel like the bomb dot com! When I finally saw the pictures I was amazed, because I actually recognized myself. I looked like ME. Not a photoshopped mess (another thing I was worried about, photoshop and not looking like me). My curves, all my curves were on display and I loved it!

Fast forward a few months when I gave my Groom his gift, he loved it even more than I did. His exact words were “this is the beautiful I wake up to every morning. I love the photos because they are how I see and love you everyday. I’m happy you finally see it too.” To hear that from my husband, made me tear up. After this photoshoot, it changed how I look at myself everyday. It enabled me to see me how I should see me; Beautiful, Sexy, and Confident. I didn’t think a photo shoot could change my mind like that, but Marie did it. After this experience, I would recommend Marie to anyone of any age! Boudoir by Marie is a must!
— Miss M

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