Beautiful and Powerful and STRONG | Western Tennessee Boudoir Photography | Miss K


There are some clients that I can tell truly NEED this experience from the moment they first inquire. It's the clients that are doing it for themselves as a form of self-celebration that make me absolutely sure that I am doing the job that I was meant to do. I LOVE showing women how beautiful and powerful and strong they are. Miss K is no exception, in fact, she's a prime example of why I do what I do - read her review below:

When it came time for New Year resolutions, I knew I would need to resolve to make health changes. Those changes are often so hard to commit to. Knowing I’d need motivation, I took a leap and booked a shoot with Marie a few months out. Making that initial investment and putting such a vulnerable event on my calendar was the best decision I ever made. It lit the fire I needed in order to really make lifestyle and fitness changes. Before I even met her, Marie was supporting my fitness journey via social media. When it came time to prepare for the shoot, I wasn’t too nervous, more anxious for the experience. Arriving at Marie’s doorstep and having her greet me the way she did, set the tone for one of the most empowering days of my life.
— Miss K

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