After the Shoot: What to do with my boudoir photos?

Often clients come in wanting to create a gift for someone special. They book their session without realizing what a gift boudoir can be for themselves. 

Boudoir photography gives you a brand new perspective on your body and your beauty. We are only used to seeing ourselves reflected in the mirror, from a selfie, OR - and this is the worst - when you accidentally turn on your cellphone's forward-facing camera when you're looking down at the screen... I don't really have 7 chins, do I? yeeash!


I use my camera to show you a whole new perspective on yourself.  This is the way your loved ones see you in all of your dimensions, from angles and in ways that a mirror or your cellphone camera cannot show you. 

This is a YOU that has taken time for herself, who values and embraces her own beauty and strength. 

If I could bottle that feeling up and gift it to every woman on this planet I would, but I can't, so instead I shoot boudoir and always encourage my clients to have their images PRINTED.


Digital images are the most basic product option, clients intend to have them printed, but they often end up lost in a crashed computer, or tucked away on an old hard drive never to be seen again and never turned into a tangible item.

My most common product purchase is a gorgeous 8"x10" Album. We can fill these full of as few as 20 or up to ALL of your images from your session if you'd like. It's the perfect way to gift your lovely images to your partner, or to create for yourself to leaf through whenever you need to remember how wonderful you are. 


But my absolutely favorite way to preserve your images AND bottle that empowering feeling for yourself?


There's always at least ONE photo from every session that my client especially connects to. The image that makes her feel beautiful, STRONG, empowered and like a goddess - that is a feeling I believe every woman should experience every. single. day.

I want that image give you a self confidence high-five every time you walk by. 

But where will I put this giant photo of myself?!?


I've had clients hang their photos above their beds or on the walls of their bedroom. I even had a client get an enormous acrylic to hang in her living room above her fireplace, it was a gorgeous black and white body-scape and a perfect compliment to her modern decor. 

Don't want your little ones or visitors stumbling across your special image? Hang it in your master closet. Every morning when you're getting ready for the day, she'll be there, reminding you of all you are capable of.

Personally, I have mine hanging in my master bathroom, looking over my shoulder as I freshen up in the morning. Acrylic prints are perfect for steamy bathrooms where canvases or prints would be wilted by the conditions. 

No matter where you hang it, there you'll be, every day - in all of your glory, reminding you that you are more than just a mom/wife/employee/[whatever label you give yourself]...

YOU are powerful and beautiful and lovely and strong

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