Do I really need professional hair and makeup styling for my boudoir photo shoot?

Well… that depends on what kind of imagery you’re looking to create.

I believe that women are beautiful and worthy of photographing WITH or WITHOUT any makeup or styling at all. I recently announced my Stripped Down Series featuring the stories of women accompanied by portraits showing their “stripped down” selves. No styled hair or makeup and no fancy outfits for these images. We are keeping things simple and beautifully raw.

So in this case.. No, I definitely don’t think you NEED hair styling OR makeup for your shoot, IF you’re going for an authentic and unstyled look.

BUT. . .
and this is a BIG but (haha)

If you’re wanting the glamorous styled boudoir photoshoot experience, I wholeheartedly encourage you to have your hair and makeup professionally styled.

I work with an incredible hair and makeup artist, Monica, who knows how to work her magic specifically to create stunning boudoir imagery. Your makeup photographs so differently than we see it in real life and creating the perfect look for photography is truly an art form!

Monica uses airbrush makeup which she custom blends to match your skin tone, it leaves a flawless finish and doesn’t seep into your pores. She also applies elegant false eyelashes to any client wanting to make sure that their eyes truly pop!

Hair is your crowing glory and many women are very particular with how they prefer it styled. If you have a certain way that you like your hair, it is always an option to style it separately and just book Monica for makeup application and lashes!

To sum it up - you don’t NEED makeup or hairstyling to create beautiful images, BUT if you’re wanting to have it for a truly glamorous boudoir photo session experience, it IS worth it to have it provided by a professional!

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