Dangerous Curves Ahead

Charleston, SC Boudoir Photography: Miss C's Journey

I love when clients decide to book a shoot for THEMSELVES. Boudoir is such an amazing way to celebrate who you are, in this moment. It builds confidence and allows you to see yourself as more than just a mom, or a wife, or however you categorize yourself. Boudoir allows you to see yourself at your most beautiful. Boudoir is for you! The gift-giving potential of the photos is just a bonus! Miss C's story touched me so much and I couldn't think of a better reason for coming in to shoot with me...  

Miss C's Journey: 

"I'm a little bit shy and nervous when it comes to taking photos of anything other than my face, but at the same time, a boudoir shoot is something I've always wanted to do...

When I was in high school, I struggled with severe depression, cutting, and anorexia. In a matter of months I dropped well below my lowest healthy weight, and everyone told me I looked good, so I kept it up. What makes me angry looking back is that people actually supported and encouraged that weight rather than seeing that I was struggling and extremely self-conscious and self-deprecating. This struggle was very real -- I had extreme body dysmorphia, so even though I was passing out from not eating enough, I still thought I was fat. My body and my skewed view of beauty were literally killing me . . . My internal struggle has been feeling beautiful no matter what my weight. I'm tired of being told I need to lose weight, gain weight, etc in order to look more beautiful, and I just want to embrace who I am at this moment in time, flaws and all. I'm learning that beauty isn't about your jean size, it's really and truly about your spirit and character, and so while I WILL lose this weight again, I need to keep in mind that going back to a self-destructive eating disorder won't help either. 

A boudoir shoot is one of the scariest things in the world to me, but it's something I wanted to do regardless, not for a man but for me -- to prove to myself that I am comfortable just being me, no pretense."

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