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Why I chose Glamour and Boudoir Photography

Female Portrait, Victoria, circa 1910s

Female Portrait, Victoria, circa 1910s

I'm constantly surrounded by women who say "oh, I'm not photogenic," "I hate pictures of myself," "I can't imagine why I would need a professional photo."

I think that every woman is gorgeous and that sometimes we get so wrapped up in the media's view of "beauty" that we fail to see it in ourselves. Every woman should have a beautiful portrait of her own, for herself and for her family.

Think of that treasured photograph that you probably have of your grandparent or great-grandparent. It might have been on their wedding day, or it might be just a small cameo print of their face. That portrait has been around for 50 years or 100 years. They cared so much about having themselves documented that they put on their Sunday best and spent their hard earned money to pose for that portrait. 

With modern technology we often forget about the value of a professional portrait. Everyone has a camera and everyone takes photos. In fact, we're so often the ones taking pictures of family, events, and locations, that the person behind the camera doesn't always get the opportunity to step in front and be a part of that captured moment as well. Then these photographs are put on Facebook or stored on a hard drive somewhere to eventually be forgotten... 

I choose to photograph Glamour and Boudoir, because I want to create those treasured photographs that will show you just how gorgeous you are. To create images that you will look back on and view as a keepsake. To create a moment frozen in time, printed and showcased, not for just your Facebook friends to see, but for you to display on your walls, or in frames, or in a private album for your eyes only. I chose glamour and boudoir photography because your great grandparents aren't the only ones that are worth remembering and celebrating, you are too. 

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